You are a living magnet – you are attracting peopleand situatios that are in the same vibration like you.
we all have thoughts – negative or positive, and that leads to negative or positive Feelings/emotions.
Thoughts x emotions = results
I found it to be really hard to control my thoughts. of course I want my thoughts to be always positive, but – it doesn’t work!
BUT I did find that it is much easier to pay attantion to my FEELINGS. I know when I am crancky, and I know when I am happy !
Today, I am focused on making a difference in someone else life – I am no idea who it is, and how it will happen, but that is all the fun! What you focus on expends!!
my affirmation for the day – today I will create the opportunity to change someones life by focusing on the beauty of this person,

To You, love, Relli