today I brought my son to soccer practice. Before coming I remembered to bring my book – How did I get here by Barbara De Angelis. From the moment I saw her at Seminar of the Century, I felt connected to her. She is am AMAZING person, that transfer energy to you!Anyhow, today I was reading about how Names are so important. I will explain – when you are going through some time of crisis, it is easier to deal with it if you give it a name. Today, my crisis was about myself. I woke up totaly not myself, and had hard time getting back and be happy!

anhow, I gave it a name – depression. Now, I said to myself – You are depressed, that is great! How do you get out of it?It was easy to do that, because I could find the right tool in my tool box to fix the problem.Isn’t it easy to find the right screwdriver if you know which screw you need to use?
So, here I was, sitting on the bench, naming my problem and walla – it worked! I already felt better, and I took the action of telling myself what is good, to change my mood.
So, my lesson for the day – when you are confused, name your problem, and it will help you find the solution.