When I moved to the US, along with moving came the decision to make acareer change.
Making a career was a BIG step for me. With the pathfinder how to choosemy career for a life time satisfaction, came the understanding that Igave up my financial freedom.
I used to earn equal salary to my husband, and giving that up was VERYHARD to swallow.
You know how you feel out of control when you don’t have your own money?when you have no financial freedom? That was HARD for me. It was as if Ilost my independence in a way. Having my own income always made me feelthat I have a choice!
I could choose what to buy, what to invest in, but really, mostimportant I felt equal. I had MONEY, and as they say “who has the money,has the last word”.
Many woman I know do not have the financial freedom they want, and thatkeeps them in places they would left if they had the financial freedom,they tend to stay in relationships that are not healthy for them becausethey have no choice.
Since I left my job, I struggled to accept the fact that I had nofinancial freedom for myself – I was dependent.
Think about yourself – would you live differently if you had the moneyand the financial freedom? What would you do? How would you feel? Howwould it affect your relationships with your loved ones? What can you doMORE?
I made the decision to become financially free, and take control of mylife, and have the personal freedom and the financial freedom to choosethe life I WANT, to be able to provide better life to my children andmake different choices. When money is not the issue, you are powerful tomake choice that is good for you that are good for your life!
I am here to tell you, that as a woman, you life will change when youdecide to become financially free. It might take some time, but you willbe FREE as a bird to live by your own values with out compromising youvalues, areas of happiness and most of all – yourself.
How do you create this financial freedom?
There are so many ways to do that and YOU need to feel good about yourchoice.
I chose the opportunity to work from home, have my own home basebusiness that allows me to be with my kids, help people and make money!
So, how can you become financially free? How can you have the financialfreedom you want?