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The other day, as I was picking up my kids from school, I heard one of the girls says ” he is saying the BAD word and he pushed me”, the adult in charge on her asks” why won’t you find friends that makes you feel happy? these are not good friends for you”.

I asked: ” why do people choose to be friends, or stay in touch, with people that makes you feel bad about yourself? why do we choose to be unhappy?”

As we were talking about it, we realized we don’t really know, and than I remembered something I heard on one of Barbara Coaching calls, and I just thought it was so great. It goes like that” it feels so good to feel so bad because you are not responsible” .

We all thought about it, and yes, sometime people like to play the victim. when you play the victim you are not, or at least that how you think, responsible.

I think it is very interesting, what do you think?

yesterday, on the call with Barbara De Angelis, I learned to listen to my voice. I use my voice all the time but do not take the time to listen and analyze what is it that I can learn from my voice.

How old do I sound? Does the message I want to transfer comes across as I meant it to be? Is my tone high or down?

How does other people sound? Is what they are saying and what I feel they are saying is the same? what is the impact on me when they are talking?

So much to think about. In the last few days I have been living voice messages to myself, learning to listen to my voice, it is fascinating to discover that I have in my voice so much more that what I actually say.

I can hear compassion, I can hear anger, I can hear inpatient and resistance.

Lets see how this week will look like, can’t wait!

My journey and the search for happiness, started long time ago, but my discovery journey started 2.5 years ago, when I found Landmark Education Forum. This was the beginning of a huge change I took on myself and I have been living, breathing Personal development.

This weekend I gave that gift to my children. I am so proud of them to take on a HUGE challenge on themselves, to look into themselves and understand that they are the one to create their life.
They got so much – they saw what is stopping them, how they are behaving because of that and so much more.

I am a proud mom, and I know I am giving the best gift to my children: the gift of learning to love themselves for who they are, know how to deal with their thoughts and feeling and be able to take it into their lives.

I am happy, and I am proud !

As we were sitting around the beautiful table, surrounded with family and friends, I was listening.

I was listening to my own inner voice, thinking about the past year and the coming one.

Rosh Hashabna, and the month before it, is a time to reflect back, look at was was that was good, what would I like to change, what would I love to have again.

The past year for me was all about growing myself, investing in my marriage and investing in creating the relationships I wanted to have in my family.

I had the vision – I knew what I wanted.

The best analogy I can think about is a hike in nature. You drive your car to the starting point, you know where the trail starts and where it ends, but you are not sure about what trailwill look like. As you are taking the steps along the trail, you will stumble on some rocks, some branches will scratch you, you will not know if this is the right way, but you know that when you get to the top, you will know you are there.

Same for my year – there were many rocks, there were many branches, and many moments of ups and downs, but I knew where I was going to. Today, when I am at the top of this peak, I can see the view, and it is breath taking.

I have the marriage I always wanted – full of communication, respect and challenge.
I have beautiful kids with high self esteem, with a knowing of their own true self and with an understanding the you are the one to control your life, and you need to know that.

I am grateful for the learning, my coaches and mentors, my understanding and my courage to take on this journey. This is a life journey, I am honored to be on it and being able to share the gift with my family, friends and my business associates.

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you,

Usually I am running like crazy, finishing up my cooking while my guests are arriving for dinner.

Yesterday was different. I had 21 people for New Year dinner, and I was ready (including taking a shower and dressing up..) an hour before the first guest arrived!

I am so proud of myself. This morning, as I was doing some of my affirmations, I was thinking about what was it that made this event to be different and relaxed compare to others –

and the answer – tadadadadadadad – Planning!

Today, more than ever, I am learning that ‘the more I plan, the more I accomplish’.

I planned this dinner, I have the menu ahead of time, my shopping’s were done a day before, my mom and I prepd everything we could the day before.

Having a plan, knowing where I was going, have a vision of how it would be, and act according to the plan, made a huge different.

It feels great to know, that I am getting better and better, whooo, what a great success!

My affirmation for the day – the more I plan, the more I achieve.

Today, 6 years ago, we were on our way back to the US. It was 6:00am in New Ark, and we were on the airplane to San Francisco.
Everything seems to be normal, like any other flight we took before.
Then, about an hour into the flight we were told that we need to land as soon as possible, but we where not told why.

Few minutes after we landed at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Then, we opened our cell phones. At that point we started to understand what was going on, There were few jets on the air that had been hijacked, and 2 of them flew in the Twin Towers in NY.

Without words, not knowing what to do,confused and grateful, we were trying to call our family back home to let them know we are OK. We finally manage to talk to a friend that called my mom, and told her that we are fine and landed in Michigan. Ny then, she was already seeing the worse.

Today, as I am writing these lines, I can feel the feelings I had, and it seems as if it was just yesterday. Going back to those feelings takes me to the next step – being grateful for everything I have, EVERYTHING – my family, my health, my home, my feelings, my breath.

my family and I are very fortunate, we are here to live our life fully, every second with each breath.

I am grateful, I am happy and I am free.

Waking up at 5:00am, feeling the need to get something done.

there is something magical in the quite of the morning, when the house is still dark and I can only hear my husband snoring, my kids breath and the sounds of silence. What a gift.

I am grateful for this wonderful day, as I am working on my yearly plan. Looking at 1 year, rather than each day, make so much more sense. It’s like a puzzle – I choose it by the picture – this is what I want and now I need to start putting the pieces together.

There is a sense of peacefulness when planning, it gives the right perspective, and makes each action make so much more sense in the big picture.

My affirmation for the day – The more I plan, the more I achieve.

I just recieved this story and wanted to share,

Batting My Eyelashes at You

A baby camel asked his mother, “Why do we have such large hoofs on our feet?”
She turned to him. “God made us that way for a very special reason,” and she began her explanation. “The big hoofs are to keep us from sinking into the sand.”
“Oh! So why do we have long eyelashes?”
“It’s to protect our eyes from the sand.”
“Why the big humps?”
“That is to store fat and have enough energy to go long distances in the hot desert!”
“I see!” The baby camel stretched his neck and looked up at his mother, “The big hoofs are to keep from sinking into the sand, the long eyelashes are to keep the sand out of our eyes, and the humps are to store energy to travel long distances…then what are we doing in this cage in the middle of a zoo?”
Like the camel, I had asked the same kind of questions. When my blindness set in, I initially locked myself in a cage of self-pity and bitterness.
Weary from pacing within that gloomy cage, something nudged me to see beyond my circumstance and unfortunate plight.
Heavens! What was I thinking? Those bars were self-imposed. But worst of all, I’d supported them with the cold metal of my negative attitude.
Eventually, eagerness to leave my stuffy cell of discontent prompted me to open my ears to hear a reassuring whisper – God had created me for much more.
Itching to break free, I broke down those bars and stepped out into the desert of life. I trudged through the heat with determination and drive. I endured the blistering sun with perseverance and tenacity. I quenched my thirst with fresh inspiration and encouragement. And the hooves of confidence kept me from sinking into the sand of insecurity.
Thinking ahead, I made sure I’d stored a healthy supply of wisdom and positive attitude to take me through the long haul.
Goodness gracious. Each time I reached another point in my journey, my eyes saw a whole new world with opportunities to make a difference. Best of all, I was delighted with the affirmation that I was indeed created for much more!
Bars come in all sizes and shapes. Some are physical; others are emotional or even mental. But none can withstand the force of determination that breaks them down. The effort is worth it and the results, simply amazing!
So, batting my long eyelashes to keep out the sand of discouragement, I challenge you: Step back and peek at what bars limit you. Take a deep breath, break them down, and emerge into the freshness of a new life.

Written by Janet Perez Eckles

Yesterday, was my first coaching call with Barbara.

many times I experience fear. Fear to me is facing the unknown. I know that fear is not real, its in the future. I am afraid of things that never happened, and it keeps me from moving forward.
Barbara said – the worse way to deal with fear is to ignore it, you need to face it, and get down to the bottom of it, understand where it comes from.
fear is a natural reaction, and it will always be there, but it does not disqualified you from being successful. It is your interpretation of the fear that disqualified you.

The only way to get over your fear is to MAKE YOUR VISION BIGGER THAT YOUR FEARS.

today, I choose to take action despite of my fears, and take the action towards my vision.

Just saw that and had to share:

“At the end of your life, the only thing meaningful you will leave behind will be your family – so work the hardest at making it a success.”– Chris Widener

“It is difficult to know what counts in the world. Most of us count credits, honor, dollars. But at the bulging center of mid-life, I am beginning to see that the things that really matter take place not in the boardrooms, but in the kitchens of the world.”– Gary Allen Sledge (Writer)

Right on!

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