I woke up at 4:00am, and went to my computer to work.

While I was doing my work, I listened to Barbara De Angelis taking about confidence.

When she is talking about confidence in yourself she mean: Trusting your ability to act upon a situation, regardless the results.

It was very interesting to me, through out my personal development journey, I never heard that definition for confidence!
Mostly, I know that my self esteem is being built up by achieving success, but sometime I feel that although I have reached my goal, I am not confident in my own abilities.

Today, I got a different view on confidence, that open my heart to something else- trusting that I will act, trusting that I will follow through without thinking too much about how its going to turn out. Trusting my ability and true self, is all that I need to be and feel successful.

my new affirmation for today – I am taking actions towards my vision, and I am giving up being attached to the results.