Today, 6 years ago, we were on our way back to the US. It was 6:00am in New Ark, and we were on the airplane to San Francisco.
Everything seems to be normal, like any other flight we took before.
Then, about an hour into the flight we were told that we need to land as soon as possible, but we where not told why.

Few minutes after we landed at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Then, we opened our cell phones. At that point we started to understand what was going on, There were few jets on the air that had been hijacked, and 2 of them flew in the Twin Towers in NY.

Without words, not knowing what to do,confused and grateful, we were trying to call our family back home to let them know we are OK. We finally manage to talk to a friend that called my mom, and told her that we are fine and landed in Michigan. Ny then, she was already seeing the worse.

Today, as I am writing these lines, I can feel the feelings I had, and it seems as if it was just yesterday. Going back to those feelings takes me to the next step – being grateful for everything I have, EVERYTHING – my family, my health, my home, my feelings, my breath.

my family and I are very fortunate, we are here to live our life fully, every second with each breath.

I am grateful, I am happy and I am free.