As we were sitting around the beautiful table, surrounded with family and friends, I was listening.

I was listening to my own inner voice, thinking about the past year and the coming one.

Rosh Hashabna, and the month before it, is a time to reflect back, look at was was that was good, what would I like to change, what would I love to have again.

The past year for me was all about growing myself, investing in my marriage and investing in creating the relationships I wanted to have in my family.

I had the vision – I knew what I wanted.

The best analogy I can think about is a hike in nature. You drive your car to the starting point, you know where the trail starts and where it ends, but you are not sure about what trailwill look like. As you are taking the steps along the trail, you will stumble on some rocks, some branches will scratch you, you will not know if this is the right way, but you know that when you get to the top, you will know you are there.

Same for my year – there were many rocks, there were many branches, and many moments of ups and downs, but I knew where I was going to. Today, when I am at the top of this peak, I can see the view, and it is breath taking.

I have the marriage I always wanted – full of communication, respect and challenge.
I have beautiful kids with high self esteem, with a knowing of their own true self and with an understanding the you are the one to control your life, and you need to know that.

I am grateful for the learning, my coaches and mentors, my understanding and my courage to take on this journey. This is a life journey, I am honored to be on it and being able to share the gift with my family, friends and my business associates.

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you,