Usually I am running like crazy, finishing up my cooking while my guests are arriving for dinner.

Yesterday was different. I had 21 people for New Year dinner, and I was ready (including taking a shower and dressing up..) an hour before the first guest arrived!

I am so proud of myself. This morning, as I was doing some of my affirmations, I was thinking about what was it that made this event to be different and relaxed compare to others –

and the answer – tadadadadadadad – Planning!

Today, more than ever, I am learning that ‘the more I plan, the more I accomplish’.

I planned this dinner, I have the menu ahead of time, my shopping’s were done a day before, my mom and I prepd everything we could the day before.

Having a plan, knowing where I was going, have a vision of how it would be, and act according to the plan, made a huge different.

It feels great to know, that I am getting better and better, whooo, what a great success!

My affirmation for the day – the more I plan, the more I achieve.