The other day, as I was picking up my kids from school, I heard one of the girls says ” he is saying the BAD word and he pushed me”, the adult in charge on her asks” why won’t you find friends that makes you feel happy? these are not good friends for you”.

I asked: ” why do people choose to be friends, or stay in touch, with people that makes you feel bad about yourself? why do we choose to be unhappy?”

As we were talking about it, we realized we don’t really know, and than I remembered something I heard on one of Barbara Coaching calls, and I just thought it was so great. It goes like that” it feels so good to feel so bad because you are not responsible” .

We all thought about it, and yes, sometime people like to play the victim. when you play the victim you are not, or at least that how you think, responsible.

I think it is very interesting, what do you think?