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Last week, I learned about how anger is actually the opposite on gratitude.

this week, when I am not able to feel grateful, I am looking for the anger. I trace the feeling and able to feel the anger, let go and move to a gratitude mode.

Gratitude is a skill, you can get better and better in it!

When I first learned about Network marketing, I was told its a simple business.
If you follow the system and you do what successful people are doing, you will be successful.
the question that I ask myself – what is about those successful people in Network Marketing that make them successful? Also, what stopped so many people who joined Network Marketing become successful?

are you ready to learn what I have found about my team?

1. the people who are successful simply, simply follow the system step by step, they don’t try to reinvent the wheel, they are following the success system.

2. The successful members believe that they will reach their goals.

3. They never quite! you know why people don’t not reach their full potential ? because they don’t get to the finish line!

4. They understand that they need to take small steps to achieve your big goals.

5. they believe and feel they are successful

so, keep it simple,know where you are going to and believe in your own true self!

As I was walking my dog this morning, I was listening to Wayne Dyer, the power of intention.

Wayne Dyer wastelling a great story and it goes like that: one day, the prime minister came to visit a large cooperation CEO. Few minutes after they when into the CEO office, a men burst in and was very upset about some work related issue. The CEO kindly stooped him and said” remember, rule #6″. The man stooped, apologized and left the room quietly. Few minutes after, another employee burst in and was upset about some issue that he was dealing with, and the CEO stopped him and kindly said” remember, rule # 6. The employee stopped, apologized and left the room quietly. it was not until the 3rd incident when the Prime minister stopped and asked his host” I have seen many things in my life, but I have never seen anything like this, would you please tell me what is rule # 6? ” and the CEO smiled and said ” sure, rule number 6 is – Don’t take yourself so seriously”. The guest was curious and asked” and what are the other rules? ” the host said” there aren’t any! “

I love this story because it make you realize how big of a deal we are making of what we think, that is usually just a story that never happened. I find rule #6 to be a great help with myself, as a person, coach and a parent. We always have to remember, rule # 6….

in a tool box, we have a specific screwdriver for a specific screw, we have a specific key to different locks etc etc (as the King Siam says…). It is obvious to us that this is the way it is,right?
so, if we look at life as a tool box, it is our job to find the right tool for the right challenge.

in the last few years, I have been collecting tools. I have read books, listen to audio books, went to seminars, mastermind with coaches and with personal development trainers, I got to work with the best of the best, and now, I have a lot in my tools box!
I have collected so much that my tool box was not enough to hold them. So, I had to buy a bigger one! but, there is the problem – I am the box!

this was a very interesting problem I had to figure out what to do, and the solution was found… tadadadadada…..the only way for me to expend the tool box, is to expend myself!.

This is the work, this is what’s fun. Its like YOGA, there is always the next step, there is always one more thing you can challenge yourself with, and as you do that, you need more tools 🙂

I only know Sharyn Abbott few days, but I have already learned so much.

As we were talking today, I admitted that I can see some failure in my behavior as a parent. Sharyn stooped me at once and said :” there is not failure, its a lesson you learned”

With gratitude for another learning opportunity 🙂


This wonderful lady, whom I just met, was able to teach me so much about life.

Today, as we were talking about my children, I said that I can see ‘some faliures’ in my relationship with my kids.

Charyn stoped me and said:” there is no faliure. You have found someting that is not working, and you learned someting new from it”

This was such a great reminder to what life is all about – we learn as we go, and we always need to look at what we did, and how we can do it better and/or different the next time!

Being successful to me is: getting a little bit better every time!

“Find ways to share your love, your caring and your wisdom.
Someone needs what you know”
Barbara De Angelis

yesterday, while I was on a 3 way call with Potential Future partner, I learned again why I love my work. It is one thing to learn about yourself and change your life, but there is more to life than just my life; I get to share the gift, my knowledge and my wisdom (learning from so many amazing people), with people who choose to take control of their lives, choose to take actions to make their lives to be better from the inside out. I get to share with them how personal development, my team and my mentors helped me change my life, and it is my mission to help them change theirs.

Sharing and giving is the best gift I ever got and will ever get, and it the best one I can give to others.

My work is amazing because I get to be the change I want to see in the world, kindness and love.

when we really really listen, we open our heart.
When we really really listen, we do not judge but accepting the other
When we really really listen, we can learned a lot about ourselves.

I was just introduced to Paul and Eran work at

I am learning that being a good listener is serving me and the people I care about much more than talking.. God gave us 2 ears so we can listen more than we talk 🙂

With love, Relli

I just read Sharyn Abbott blog, and thought it is well said

What would you do with a magic wand?If someone offered you a magic wand and told you that you have three wishes, what would you ask for? What would you wish for? More money? More time? Less stress? What would you do if you discovered a way of creating all three without a magic wand? There are 7 Techniques to Thrive in any Economy. Most people started their own business because they thought they could build a better mousetrap or got laid off from a corporate job. There are many reasons, but what the majority of business owners fail to do is continue their education and change what isn’t working. Yet failure to change is what causes more than 80% of businesses to close their doors. The next most common reason business don’t make it is they don’t know what they’re up against with their competition.Everyone is busy, but being productive is a different issue than being busy. Time management is one of the hardest skills to master for those who find themselves facing all the tasks of keeping a business afloat.

sitting in the living room practicing my voice. No, I’m not singing but rather listening. I am listening to what my voice tells me.

when I am angry, my voice goes up, and I am not connected to what I really want to say.

When I am in peace with myself, my voice is settled, it is sending a peaceful message.

When I am overwhelmed, and someone asks me ‘how are you?’ my answer is “Good” but my voice is transmiting a very different message.

when I open my ears and my heart to really listen, I am learning a lot about myself.

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