I just read Sharyn Abbott blog, and thought it is well said

What would you do with a magic wand?If someone offered you a magic wand and told you that you have three wishes, what would you ask for? What would you wish for? More money? More time? Less stress? What would you do if you discovered a way of creating all three without a magic wand? There are 7 Techniques to Thrive in any Economy. Most people started their own business because they thought they could build a better mousetrap or got laid off from a corporate job. There are many reasons, but what the majority of business owners fail to do is continue their education and change what isn’t working. Yet failure to change is what causes more than 80% of businesses to close their doors. The next most common reason business don’t make it is they don’t know what they’re up against with their competition.Everyone is busy, but being productive is a different issue than being busy. Time management is one of the hardest skills to master for those who find themselves facing all the tasks of keeping a business afloat.