in a tool box, we have a specific screwdriver for a specific screw, we have a specific key to different locks etc etc (as the King Siam says…). It is obvious to us that this is the way it is,right?
so, if we look at life as a tool box, it is our job to find the right tool for the right challenge.

in the last few years, I have been collecting tools. I have read books, listen to audio books, went to seminars, mastermind with coaches and with personal development trainers, I got to work with the best of the best, and now, I have a lot in my tools box!
I have collected so much that my tool box was not enough to hold them. So, I had to buy a bigger one! but, there is the problem – I am the box!

this was a very interesting problem I had to figure out what to do, and the solution was found… tadadadadada…..the only way for me to expend the tool box, is to expend myself!.

This is the work, this is what’s fun. Its like YOGA, there is always the next step, there is always one more thing you can challenge yourself with, and as you do that, you need more tools 🙂