As I was walking my dog this morning, I was listening to Wayne Dyer, the power of intention.

Wayne Dyer wastelling a great story and it goes like that: one day, the prime minister came to visit a large cooperation CEO. Few minutes after they when into the CEO office, a men burst in and was very upset about some work related issue. The CEO kindly stooped him and said” remember, rule #6″. The man stooped, apologized and left the room quietly. Few minutes after, another employee burst in and was upset about some issue that he was dealing with, and the CEO stopped him and kindly said” remember, rule # 6. The employee stopped, apologized and left the room quietly. it was not until the 3rd incident when the Prime minister stopped and asked his host” I have seen many things in my life, but I have never seen anything like this, would you please tell me what is rule # 6? ” and the CEO smiled and said ” sure, rule number 6 is – Don’t take yourself so seriously”. The guest was curious and asked” and what are the other rules? ” the host said” there aren’t any! “

I love this story because it make you realize how big of a deal we are making of what we think, that is usually just a story that never happened. I find rule #6 to be a great help with myself, as a person, coach and a parent. We always have to remember, rule # 6….