I just read this and had a good laugh. Also, my husband and I made a decision to cancel the cables to our house. The change is amazing, just like Robin says – they read more, play more and I must add – better behaved 🙂

Vacationing with Kids (by Robin Williams)

It’s hard to go on vacation with kids. I love to see them with their iPods on and carrying their computers. It’s like traveling with a little deaf family, because no one talks to each other even though we’re finally in the same room. I don’t like the idea of my kids texting each other while they’re in the same house, either. They’ll say, “Dad, please don’t talk to me, I’m texting.” I answer, “I know. I see you. But the person you’re texting is in the next room. Did you ever think of just walking two steps and talking to your sister?”Now, one of my rules when we take a family vacation is that you can’t bring the technological stuff. It’s amazing because you might think that your children would be clinging to you, crying, “Aw, Dad, I need my high-speed DSL! I need my iPod! You’re ruining my life!” Within a day, though, the kids will actually be reading, playing games, and going outside to have fun with their siblings. Imagine.