I am sitting with my daughter, and we are watching together a short video on Nickjr web site. (http://www.nickjr.com/playtime/cats/video/index.jhtml?videoid=49562 Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Video # 7, Magic Tricks)

It’s a wonderful story about a magic school, but really what got me thinking was the amazing message behind the story – the little creature,Wubbzy, is trying so hard to succeed but he is not able to pull any trick right. Wubbzy is even more frustrated with the fact that all the others are having no problems, and he feels a failure. Sounds familiar? Anyhow, he decides to leave the school. As he is walking down the street with himself, Wubbzy makes a decision –“ I will give it one more chance, just one more chance!” He goes back to the class and.as he is entering the classroom, his friends in the room are having such a hard time performing the ring trick (the one that you need to separate 3 rings from one another) and they are all very frustrated. To his surprise 3 rings are being thrown at him and without any effort he is separating them! Hurray, everybody cheers, and the teacher give him 5 stars – one for making the magic right, and four for not giving up!

At the end of the movie there is a wonderful song, with the message that if you keep on track and not give up, magic will happed!

I always find it to be amazing that kids stories have so much wisdom.
I know for myself, that when I am staying on track, even thought the little voice in my head is telling me it’s too hard, magic does happen.

My marriage are the best example for it, although it was hard to overcome the difficulties, although it was a nightmare to live together at times, I knew that if I stay there with a clear vision of where I am going to, magic will happen. Magic did happen, and I am grateful to be happily married to the most wonderful loving man I have ever known.

Stay focus on your vision, and with one step at a time, magic will happen.

Enjoy the movie J