Breakthrough Seminar with Barbara De Angelis was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had in my life. I was rebirth into a new life of love and service.

At times in life, many of us have feelings we are not sure what the source of them is.
Let me give you an example, for me, at times, I would feel irritated by people who always know what they are doing, so confident with whom they are and what they are doing with their live. They never care about what you think about them (well, at least on the surface it looks like it), but only about what they think about themselves.
As I was sitting at the seminar, going though deep meditations, I realized something very important. The reason for my reaction, staying away of those people, was that it was a mirror to me. It pushes all my self esteem buttons. It showed me that my approval of myself is not enough for me, I need other people’s approval to feel good about who I am, what I do, how do I look. I am always seeking confirmation to my own feelings. Now I got it! It has been like that all my life, I never felt good by just doing things that make me happy, it always had to be someone else who enjoys what I give, do, say , create to make me feel good.

Not any more!
I am learning to love who I am and to love my cake.