ok ok, you are probably wondering how old I am, well let me tell you. I am 37.

As you get older (over 30 or so) when you are being asked “how old are you”?, the person who is asking the question many time will say “21 again right? ” . I just want to tell you that I am so happy to be just my age and (although it may sounds funny t osome of you )I do not want to go back to 21…..

In the last few years I have made some of the most dramatic, drastic and amazing changes in my life. I have been doing a demanding but very rewarding work. A work of learning to know who I am (when I am not being a mom, wife, house keeper, etc etc) , getting to places I was always afraid of. Today, as I am getting closer to 40, I feel so much more mature, accepting and understanding.

A small note to the woman who brought me to this world – my Mom,

Mom, You have been the greatest inspiration for me in this world. I have watched you struggle, fighting for your family, but most of all I have watched you grow. All those years that we know one another, you have always showed me that love (and not money) in the power that makes the world go around. When you have love and compassion for people, great things will happen to you. Many times you told me that it’s the music, as you call our tone of voice and what we are really saying, that makes all the difference. You are so true, and finally, after such a long time I am chancing my music, I am changing the music that is in my heart, and thus, slowly changing the music out side of me.

You are my greatest teacher, my greatest fan and I am celebrating this birthday with a lot more love to myself, and with a lot more understating of my music.

And to you all my dear Friends, thank you for staying with me, loving me and accepting me just the way I am for so long.

Happy Birthday to me 🙂