today, as we are almost leaving behind 2007 and entering a new year it is time to reflect on what we have learned. Today in our materialistic world there is a tendency to measure everything, especially measure success. I want to point out a very critical understanding I have learned a lot about in the last year. I am learning over and over again, that the most important things in life CAN NOT BE MEASURED, You can not measure love, you can not measure happiness, you can not measure laughter, you can not measure personal growth and you can not measure joy. It is interesting to know, based on my experience, that when people are spending their last days on this planet, they don’t talk about how much money they made, what kind of car they drove or how many houses they bought. Most of the conversations are around feelings and things they wish they would have done – clean less and spend more time with the kids on the floor, have more understanding and better relationships in their family, creating more joy around them and just enjoying every moment that we have here.

Time is the only resource we can not have more of, now moving between 2007 and 2008 take the time to reflect and acknowledge your successes. Acknowledge all those which are not measurable, and declare to yourself, what more of those, and others you want of this year.

This is my own declaration for next year : I want more peace with myself, I want to be a better human being, I want to be more gentle with myself and others, and I want to know that I am serving the world and really truly offering my cake !

Make this year a great year, a year of love and care, a year of growth 🙂

With love, Relli