As a ‘certified Enlightened Warrior’ (with Peak Potentials training) I am again at a point of decision in life that creates a lot of fear around important decisions.

Fear, by definition is :Anticipation of pain (yes! that is the dictionary definition,no kidding), and as a feeling that is anticipated, it puts it into the future. We all have fears, this is how we are built as the humans, but really – what does fear gives us? What is the pay of that we are many times will freeze and not move on because we are afraid?

some pay off can be – not being responsible by not taking actions, it can be play it safe and stay in my comfortable zone and it can be about being like every body else.

To me, over coming fear is something that does not easily come – I know what I should do, I know how to do, but still sometime it is very hard. Theses days, making more and more decision as far as where my life is going, I am so scared of the unknown, of success, of failure, of myself.

Today, I met a wonderful lady, Sharyn Abbott and we talked about fears. Sharyn point of view was that fear, beside holding us back and not letting us move forward, it is also a very dangers way of living – the physical effect on our body is very significant. Sharyn, who went through a lot in life says that the feelings around fear are creating stress in our body that can lead to many desease. Think about it, how are you handling fear?

How do we over come our fears?

There are probably so many ways, but this is how I handle fear – I sit with myself and start writing – write what ever comes to my mind at that moment, getting clearer and clearer of whats there, just being there and observing my thoughts and feelings. As I am observing what I am feelings I am better able to understand what is the source of the fear, and I can acknowledge it. I do not try to change myself to be Super Women, I do not ignore my feelings, I let them be there.

I am learning all the time that you can heal what you feel, I have to follow the feeling to the source of it to see what is deeper inside that is blocking me. Seeing it and acknowledging it gives me the opportunity to choose. I can choose to act in spite of my fear, or just stay there until I can see a better picture, get a better direction.

Becoming an observer of your fears, not ignoring them, but also not letting these take you into a place of stress, can help a lot in moving on and letting go.

Fear is always going to be there, the only way to tame is is to make your vision bigger than the fear, and act upon it – Just like Karate Kid !