I love listening to Wayne Dyer. I love his voice and his message, it is always makes me feel so much better. As I was searching on Youtube for his materials, I stumble accross one of his shows. Dr. Dyer talked about how we think at some points in life that we got No Where, but if you take the same letters it is actually can be changed to – Now here. This is a great way to change our thinking. Sometime I ask myslef ” what is the point of your work? what is the goal for yourself? ” Sometimes, I feel that the more I learn and think I got it,I am actually loosing it. I feel like I am getting no where but just circling around and around my thoughts. But, putting it in a NOW HERE make so much sense. I am not suppose to get anywhere, I am now here, this is exactly where I should be, this is exactly what I should be doing, this is it.

It is great to have this tool, to be able to move from confusion to clarity just by changing the words 🙂

Here I am , in San Diego, visiting friends, and I know I am Now Here.