Sometime when my mom is visiting us, she drives me crazy! the reason she drives me crazy is that she always tells me what I should be doing, how I should be speaking and more and more. The reason it drives me crazy is that I know she is RIGHT. My mom is my best teacher about relationships, parenting and life. She is my life coach, my therapist and of course…. my mom.

When she tells me something is wrong with one of my kids, the first think I do is saying ” its not right” that is my way to say” I know what I am doing, I am a mom and I am doing a pretty good job”. But as I am opening myself to really listen to what she is saying, most of the time, I am realizing she has a point. I think I am getting all jumpy by her comments is because I admire her so much, and want to handle situations just as she would have, but I can not.

I am not her, and I will never be. I know that I need to take in everything she is teaching me about parenting, life and love and put it together!

Many times I am finding myself telling her, that what she can do at her age (she is not so old šŸ™‚ ), I can not do at 37! Life has a way of it’s own in teaching us life lessons like – how to become a better listener. Even though you might have taken courses about this subject, there are some hidden elements that need to be within you to make it all work.

I love listening and talking to my mom, but I also know , that I am me, and I have my own way of learning , knowing that I am doing a great job learning, correcting, forgiving, learning, correcting, forgiving……

I love you Ima, more that ever! Don’t give up on me because I am listening even when you drive me crazy šŸ™‚