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Every Monday, My daughter and I have a small nature ritual. After her preschool, we take our lunches and go up the hill to sit by the bay. It is so great to sit outside and enjoy the sun, the flowers, the birds, the butterflies and so much more! We love this routine, it makes us both very happy!

Take some time to get out, be out of the office, and breath this beauty!

P.S -today, I decieded to go to the library and enjoy the view while writing ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a beautiful day here in paradise!

Yesterday, at the coaching call with Barbara de Angelis, one of the issues that came up was โ€“ Teaching.

I know that I learn the best when I teach what I have learned. When I teach, I am telling and sharing what I have done on a specific subject in my life. For example: my relationship with my husband. I can teach you the differences between men and women because I am learning it; I am using this knowledge to change the course of my relationships. It comes from a place of doing, a place of dealing with this on going challenge. I was there, I am there and I understand when women I speak to are struggling with their marriage life. I can feel their pain and I can tell them โ€œyou can change it; you have the power, letโ€™s think together what is going onโ€.

As a teacher my job is to hold a vision for the other person, to be the one to hold the flash light and show her the light at the end of the tunnel. Many times the person I am holding the light for, can not see it yet. Sometime, it is hard to see things for yourself, when it so much easy for others to see it.

Tell me if you can relate to that: your friend shared with you a problem and you, as Mr/Ms/Mrs. Fix, tell them what they need to do. You know what they need – it is so clear what needs to be done. But your friend is not there yet; she can not see that solution yet.

Sounds familiar?

Holding a vision to another person, while accepting her own journey, accepting the time line she is at, knowing she is doing the best she can do.

As a teacher I believe that it is my job to light and provide the best tools I can, but at that point, I have to let go and trust this person to do the work. It is up to this person to make a decision about her life, it is not my choice.

My friends, spouse and my coach, hold the vision for me. I hold the vision for my husband, for my children and for my friends. I can help, guide and share my life with them, knowing that itโ€™s up to them to create their life, their relationships, and their dream.

Holding a vision to another human being, is a great gift each of us can give to another human being, and receive so much by doing so.

Call a friend, share your life and help others too.

At some point in life, before he got famous and rich, Joe Vitale was a homeless.

I received this email and it really touched my heart, so I wanted to share with you, those who are fortunate to have a home, water, food and someone to love

“A team of people including myself โ€” many of which are stars of the movie The Secret โ€” have the noble vision of ending homelessness. Our intent is to get people to rethink the problem, and actually resolve it once and for all. We are doing this in a way that you can win, too. The movement is called Operation YES. YES stands for Your Economic Salvation. See my short video explanation at or by clicking on the below image. And yes, please share this with the world. Thank you. “

Hey Everybody,

It’s been a while since I wrote. I, like many others got the nasty flu! It started with my husband, then my children and finally, it got me!

I was in bed for days, and actually just now I am getting better and better, but it has been good 2 weeks!

Because I was sleeping most of my days, sometime sleeping at night was rather challenging….. So I went to the guest room and tada….. watch TV!

usually, I don’t watch TV at all , but it seems like a good way to keep my mind busy, hoping to fall back to sleep.

One of these nights I was watching an infomercial (I think that is the right term for those shows) and it was all about toxics in our body! Boy, when I listen to Brenda Watson I got so scared for my health and my family health and it really got me thinking about my diet and my detox.

This is a quick intro to out toxic world:

“…Every year in this country the number of people with heart disease, cancer and many other chronic diseases continues to increase at an alarming rate. Research has also shown that countless deadly toxins are entering our bodies every year-toxins from factories, household cleaners, and even the body’s own digestive system. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 74 pesticides, including a number known to cause cancer, presently contaminate the ground water in 38 states. These toxins remain in the environment for decades. In fact, some environmental toxins that have been banned for more than 20 years are still found in the human body.

So what is the answer? How do we get rid of our “toxic soup”? With Brenda Watson’s Detox Strategy. In this program Brenda Watson offers the audiences a step-by-step plan to eliminate toxins from their home and environment, detoxify their bodies and maintain a healthy life. Scientific research, media coverage and governmental agencies have proven that global warming; vehicle emissions and household cleaners are dangerous. Every night you can turn on the TV and find out that they have discovered that a “new” harmful toxin has been found in the foods we trust, in our drinking water and even the air that we breathe. But, until now, nobody is answering the practical questions: “How do I know if I’ve been affected by toxins?” and “What can I do to rid myself and those I love of these toxins?”

Personally, I have not checked Brenda Watson program, but I can defiantly got me to look much closer about what I am eating, and what I am buying home for my family.

Here are some more interesting links I found about Detox and Fiber (which is essential for the body to cleanse itself):

I will keep you posted about what I am finding about this subject!

To your health ๐Ÿ™‚ Relli

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