Yesterday, at the coaching call with Barbara de Angelis, one of the issues that came up was – Teaching.

I know that I learn the best when I teach what I have learned. When I teach, I am telling and sharing what I have done on a specific subject in my life. For example: my relationship with my husband. I can teach you the differences between men and women because I am learning it; I am using this knowledge to change the course of my relationships. It comes from a place of doing, a place of dealing with this on going challenge. I was there, I am there and I understand when women I speak to are struggling with their marriage life. I can feel their pain and I can tell them “you can change it; you have the power, let’s think together what is going on”.

As a teacher my job is to hold a vision for the other person, to be the one to hold the flash light and show her the light at the end of the tunnel. Many times the person I am holding the light for, can not see it yet. Sometime, it is hard to see things for yourself, when it so much easy for others to see it.

Tell me if you can relate to that: your friend shared with you a problem and you, as Mr/Ms/Mrs. Fix, tell them what they need to do. You know what they need – it is so clear what needs to be done. But your friend is not there yet; she can not see that solution yet.

Sounds familiar?

Holding a vision to another person, while accepting her own journey, accepting the time line she is at, knowing she is doing the best she can do.

As a teacher I believe that it is my job to light and provide the best tools I can, but at that point, I have to let go and trust this person to do the work. It is up to this person to make a decision about her life, it is not my choice.

My friends, spouse and my coach, hold the vision for me. I hold the vision for my husband, for my children and for my friends. I can help, guide and share my life with them, knowing that it’s up to them to create their life, their relationships, and their dream.

Holding a vision to another human being, is a great gift each of us can give to another human being, and receive so much by doing so.

Call a friend, share your life and help others too.