today, when I am on the path of sharing my life story and what I am learning with the world, I thought about all the wonderful angles that are supporting me.

Last November when I was sitting down for a heart to heart talk with my husband, he was the one who encourage me to follow my heart and my art.

He believed in me more that I believed in myself. He saw the potential in me and in my wisdom.

Today, when I am actually moving in this direction I appreciate his believe in me even more.

Another person who is always pushing me forward to follow my heart is my mother. She has always (even in days you could have scraped me off the depression floor) was the one to show me how powerful I am. I could not have been more grateful to her for everything she has done for me. Many times, her belief in me and in my ability, gave me the courage and the strength to keep moving froward.

Many of my friends, My Coach, My family are always there for me, supporting me at tough times, giving me a good advice, and sometime yelling at me for not seeing the obvious.

This kind of support is crucial to become a happy and successful person. The more I am learning about myself, I see how much courage I received for those amazing individuals.

Who is your angel? Who is supporting you with following your heart fulfilling your dreams? Who is expending you to be who you are?

If you don’t have an angel, I am offering my support. Call me or send me an email and we would work together to make your dreams come true.

Create a net of angels. they will always be there for you!