I guess there are many different answers to this simple question, but for me, one of the best feeling is the feeling of helping another human being.

I just got off the phone with a friend that is struggling with his life direction. We spent some time talking about what makes him happy, and I could hear and see the smile behind the head set. The deep knowing that my listening and my advice helped him feel better, is the best reward I can ever get. You know, when we meet people, we often remember how we felt around them, we mostly do not remember what was being said. My wish is that I will be able to make every person I talk to, feel good about himself, and one by one, we will change our lives.


When you give away everything that your heart can offer, it fills with joy and happiness. My mom, which has many great quotes, always say: “You never regret doing something good”. I find myself helping people understand themselves better,to smile, to look at the full cup, and while I am doing that, I am really helping myself.

Helping doesn’t mean giving something up, it does mean you have to be nice all the time. It does mean that you, as a human being, live your life fully.

I feel that as time progress, and I am putting my true self out there, I give more, and for sure, I am getting more!

Have fun, GIVE,