“We want to teach our children everything about life, but our children teach us what life is all about”.

Writing about myself is easy for me, but I feel that writing about my kids is very hard. I was thinking about it today and I asked myself WHY?

I think that for me blogging is very personal, it’s a lot about my personal thoughts and processes, and in a way, I want to protect my children from being exposed to this new world, where everything is open, everything is exposed.

Another reason that I think is blocking me is that I do not want to just be the ‘stay at home mom’, I want to be a complete human being just for being myself.

The more I am thinking about it, I am realizing that I am very silly 😉 – of course my kids are a part of me, A MAJOR part of my life.They are the light of my life, and they are the reason and the cause to make me search for more and more answers and questions. I feel so silly leaving them out of the picture, when they are such a big part of my life.

My kids are beautiful; they are beautiful human beings that have taught me, and still teaching me more that I could have ever learned alone, or with others.

They push all my buttons, they drive me crazy, but they always shine a light on an area I need to work on.

Yesterday, when I picked up my daughter from preschool we got to talk that I want to walk more. (I find myself sitting in front of the computer, driving from one place to the other, and before I know it, they day is gone!)
When I told my daughter about it she simply said:”so walk! “

So simple, and so true – just do it!

While I was setting the table for dinner, I was about to get some glasses out of the cabinet and while doing that I broke a cup. As I am cleaning up the glass pieces my son told me: “How is it, that when we (the kids) break a cup or a plate, you are mad at us, and when you are breaking it, it’s ok?”

“True”, I told him, “you are right, adults something are not as smart as you are”.

It is always amazed me to hear this 5 and 9 year old amazing persons, solving a problem in such a simple way!