I was sitting with a friend for breakfast, when we started to talk about goals. My friend said that she feels that she need to make money, to feel valued as equal.

As we were taking about it I thought about it: Can money be THE goal? Can you achieve financial success with only money as a goal? I don’t think so.

For 2 years, I put money and what it can buy as my personal goal, and this was not working. For me, that was not a big enough drive to become successful at what I chose to do.

As time passed and I did not achieved my financial targets, I got more and more frustrated with myself and my work. It effected my well being, since I was not feeling satisfied with my life. I made the connection between who I am and what I make.

I am blessed to have my husband and my mom, who kept telling me that money can not be the goal, it should be something bigger. As I was working with my coach to create my vision, I realized what is my true passion in life – to help people see that there is a choice, you can live the life you want to have, from the inside out. Today, I still have financial goals, but my motivation comes from a deeper place – it comes from my heart, and I can live it in every minute of the day, no matter what I do.

When I am shopping, I can talk to the cashier in a way that would make her laugh, I can be goofy and feel funny, I can help a friend by just listening. I live my vision, and I know that when you do what you love to do, when you are truly connected to your own self, people can feel it.

When people feel that you are helping them, they probably would like to stay in touch with you and work with you. This is when you financial compensation will come. It might take more time, but when it comes, it will be a natural path to your choice of pursuing your mission, who you really are.

You are not your results, you are your vision.

Discover your vision, your heart mission or as Stephan Covey said: Find your Voice.

Finding your voice, finding what is your purpose, is the first step to a long process of living from the inside out, knowing that you are living it every moment.