This weekend we took the kids and drove to Point Reyes. It is a great time to visit the area, with all the beautiful bloom of the wild flowers, green grass and a lot of water.

It’s been sometime since we have gone on a trip, and we felt we needed a weekend off; OUT OF THE HOUSE. When you are at home, there is always something to do, to fix, to clean to check, it is never just being together, well at least most of the time for my family (just finished my 4th load of laundry…).

Loaded with food, cloths and bikes, we drove quietly looking at the beautiful mountains of Marine County, enjoying the beauty of nature. The kids were so calm. I was wondering about their behavior which it is very different than the one at home. I think I know why, it is the outdoor environment that we don’t get to spend enough time at.
A simple act of going out to nature can change everything.

On the way, at one of our favorite cheese places, we stopped and had a GREAT lunch with Camembert cheese, great Salami and wonderful bread – Yummmmm! It was amazing to see my son try new things! He is always surprising me with his openness to try new kind of foods, it is great.

When we arrived to Point Reyes, we took the bikes off the rack, and went down to the beach. The boys took off so fast, that my husband and I had hard time catching up with them up and down the hills, they have so much energy, that it is fun to watch J

This ride together made us feel connected – to ourselves, to nature and to one another, as each of us was looking to see if everybody are there, if everybody is OK. I am so proud of my kids; they are so fun, crazy AND responsible!

As I am writing I was thinking about how simple activities like bike riding, having a picnic, playing tag are so connecting. When I am making the choice to separate myself from the crazy life chaos, making sure I am available 100% for my family, things are so different for me and for my family. We communicate better, we eat together, we talk about out feelings and we sleep better! The taste of life!

I am looking forward for our next short trip, and where ever we choose to go, we are together, and that is the most important part for me :O)