Last week, at the Spaghetti feed, my son was preforming creating amazing animal balloons. after his performance, which was a great success, the kids ran after him asking him to make them their own balloon. This was a totally new experience for him, but I think he really enjoyed the attention and also the feeling of making someone else happy! The last part was always my favorite , but I will admit that the attention is kind of fun too 😉

After the big performance, some of the parents approached me and told me:” you son is so creative, and they are both so good with young children, they should be thinking to do it as a business! ”

When we came home I talked to my kids about it, and thus the idea of having a business for them came about. The boys are SOOOO excited about it and you can see the $ sign on my oldest eyes… we will have to work on how much to charge 😉

the big question I have for myself and my family is: what is a good time to start a business for kids?

As a mom, I want my kids to learn responsibility about life, helping people, have fun and also learn about money and make some. On the other hand I know that having a business is a lot of responsibility. The question that comes up is:

is it a good idea for the boys to start their own business at 9 years old? is is too early or it is just the pace of life these days?

One way to solve (or maybe just postpone it a bit) is to have them try it out first. They can volunteer their time and talents at some parties, and we can see and learn how it goes. If they like it – Great, if they are not sure, so maybe its better to wait a bit longer.

I would love to hear from you how you feel about this subject, and share with me your experience.

To life!