Changing habits and letting go of fear are some of the hardest activities for people to accomplish. I can tell you about myself, that I am working on changing my habit of misplacing things and have a messy house. This is a HUGE thing for me to change, and although I am making great effort to be more organized, this is a hard!

But what if this change would not be so hard? What if I can do it in a way that I will not even feel I am creating a change?

Few weeks ago, while googling, I stumble across a SIMPLE yet amazing book called One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer.

This book is all about small, small, actually TINY steps you can take towards your goal and by doing so you are breaking through your fears. The origins of this philosophy are from Japan and are the base to many successful businesses and systems in the world. If you remember TQM (Total Quality Management) system, it is based on the same principles.

Let me give you an example – I would like exercise more. I find it to be very challenging to get myself to actually do it. If you tell me now to make time for 30 min walk a day I will look at you and say “I can’t fit it in to my day, it is crazy as it is!”.

With the Kaizen way, I will take small steps, which often look so silly, towards that goal.

So this is what I am going to do – Starting May 15th 2008 I will march for 1 min a day while I’m cooking (I can do that! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!). After a week, I might add another minute, so total 2 minute a day. You might think this is so stupid and not benefiting but you would be surprised to see how quickly I loose the resistance and learn to do it.

This is the whole point – break through your habits in such small steps, that you don’t feel it’s a burden or a problem to accomplish those activists

I am so fascinated by this concept, that I will keep learning and sharing with you my Kaizen experience.

So, what is your next TINY step you will take to move forward towards your next major goal?