Do you have these moments that you get out of bed so grumpy you do not want to see anyone around you?

This was my morning!

After I woke up at night to change my daughter cloths (who is insisting to sleep with no diaper…), an hour fight with my body and mind to go back to sleep, it was no wonder I got up on my left side.

So, this morning was not the best morning around the house,especially with my daughter who has the ability to get ready in such a slow pace, slower than a turtle walk 😉 .I was cranky, just waiting for everybody to get out of the house so I can COMM down.

Now, the house is quiet and I am thinking about great ways for me to get over my crankiness, moving to greatness rather that crankiness.

When I am in this mood, I know that surrounding myself with positive people and positive information, makes a HUGE different. Right now I am listening to live radio. This is a great way to listen to different coaches moving you back into what is really important, helping you refocus on the beauty in this world, focusing on the moment.

Sometime, I know that I need ‘the boot’ to get back into reality and realize how much I have.

So now, after few minutes of quiet and good karma, I am back again, relaxed.