I just came back from Belmont Senior center, after I taught a floral design class to five amazing women who came to learn something new about flowers.

Flowers are my love and my joy (http://www.rellisflowers.com/ ) so I’ve decided to give back and teach. A year ago, I tought an art class for 1st to 3rd grades kids, and I learned that this was no fun for me! Beside the fact that my own children were complaining I do not help them in the class, I was more the policemen than the teacher….. So, I have decided to move to the other side of the spectrum – seniors šŸ™‚

When I came into the room, there was no one, but slowly the people came and it was a great feeling to know that someone wants to learn something new from ME!

After chatting a bit, I learned that one of my students is…… 101 years old ! this is amazing that at 101 she is still up and going to learn something new. It was such and inspiration for me to see this amazing women planning a design and enjoying it. what a gift of life šŸ™‚

“Life is a series of delicious moments” Ester Hicks.

I was teaching how to make a twig structure, inspired by European floral deign, using recycle materials. We had tons of fun doing so, and it was great to see how each of them took it to a different direction, creating something totally different.

It was interesting to see how the designs were different –
the colorful lady, chose to use colorful ribbons, purple decorative wire mixing it all up!
The serious lady – was not really taking any risks, following traditional design style.

I had a lot of fun doing it, I felt humble that 5 people came to learn from me, and wanted me to come back for another class! This is fun.

at the end of the session I was so mad at myself for not taking pictures, but here I go, another lesson to learn and change.

To flowers, Relli