Just stepped in from ‘Graduation Night’ at San Mateo Parents Nursery School.(SMPNS). As I am writing those words, my eyes are filled with tears – tears of an ending of a beautiful part of my life, mixed with the understanding that every end is a new beginning. The Nursery school has been a second home for me and my family for the last 3 years, and now is the time to say goodbye since Maya is off to kindergarten next year! (Darn, she grew way too fast!)

SMPNS is a magical school where kids learn how to be good people, as many of them said “I learned how to make friends”, and where parents learn how to be better people AND better parents.

I can not say enough about this school, its community and its teachers who are at the heart of this amazing organization.

Few weeks ago, the families who leave the school were asked to answer this question: What did you learn at Nursery School?

I wanted to share with you what I wrote:

“What did I learn at Nursery School?

Oh my gosh! Only 7 short lines to write it all? This is not gona work, I will have to type it up, this way I will have more space! YES!

To me, SMPNS is much more than a nursery school; it is a parenthood, friendship and community school, and it is also helps us keep our kids happy!

Since moving from Israel, I have never felt so connected to any community, until we joined SMPNS. Our school is a wonderful community of beautiful people and I will be always grateful for what me and my family learned from the teachers, the parents and the cute children!

I have learned so much, and this would be only a short version of my original list…
1. To make Play dough
2. There is no such thing as garbage, just art materials.
3. To solve conflicts with my words
4. To grow patience
5. To be creative with problem solving
6. That ‘it is what it is’
7. To live every moment fully
8. To love people for who they are, no matter their age and where they come from
9. That it takes team work to make the school work
10. To show and tell
11. To not be afraid of being me
12. To share my gifts
13. To be a much better mom
14. To follow my instincts
15. And more and more

This has been an amazing time in my life and in my family life. I will always be grateful and remember everything I have learned here, those are really lessons about life and for life.

With all my heart (and tears), Love, Relli “

SMPNS is my home, and it will always be my home. Home is where you feel belong, where your heart expends and you let the love flow into it with ease. This is how I know I belong. This is how I know it is home forever.