how many times you told yourself -“I need a plan” or ” before I do that, I have to finish that” or ” this is not a good time to talk, I have a lot to do”?

I ofter hear the statement “No plan is a plan to fail”, and I learn to accept it and work with it. While I was watching P.S. I love you I had to think about that again, reflecting on my life.

This beautiful story about a young married couple, Holly and Jerry who have very different view of life as far as planning. Jerry really want to have a child and Holly is insisting to wait and “have a plan”: not until they move to a new apartment, what if she looses her job etc etc.

Unfortunately, life is not always working according to our plans, and Jerry died at a very young age, before they had any children.

There is more to the movie that I want to tell you about, but I will leave some to you and your curiosity!

Anyhow, this movie really got me thinking about all the things I am postponing because it is “not the right time” or “when we will have more space” or ” when we we can afford it” and so on.

Those are all good reasons (well, at least that is what I am telling myself), but I know they are just reasons and I can make up about 20 of them in a minute 😉

For those of you who don’t know, I am very much pregnant with my 4th child. I’ve always wanted to have 4 children, but as time pass, I was not sure any more if “it’s a good time” if “I really want to do it again” and so on. This pregnancy was not “in my life plan”. It was suppose to happen when I “was ready”, but here it is! Today, I am so happy I am carrying our 4th child, knowing that sometime surprises (well, nice surprises) are a great gift. I am so excited to have this baby knowing it would change my life for ever in a way nothing and no one else can change.

The joy and happiness in a growing family is one of the greatest one we can have.

There is not plan to “raise a child” – each of us is individual and we have to learn it all over again. Same for plans – sometime we have to change our plans if it does not feel as if it’s the right plan. We have the instincts to feel what is right, but we tend to ignore them and trust our mind instead. Our mind job is to protect us by keeping us in our comfort zone, but where real growth is happening is our of out comfort zone.

I know I am totally out of my comfort zone these days, but I know that there is a reason for my life, there is a reason why things happen the way they do, and I am excited to find out what it is 🙂

Now, a challenge for you:

What have you been wanting for so long, that you keep pushing away telling yourself that is is not part of the plan?

If today was the last day you could do it, and you have not – how would you feel?

I urge you to live your life fully, knowing that the universe will support you and guide you in the right direction. Don’t fight it, flow with it and have fun!

All my love, Relli