These days I am finishing ‘The tile project’ at my daughter school. about 2 years ago, I took the Self Expression and Leadership course at Landmark education. During this course we were asked to choose a project that we would like to do for and with our community.

After I was fighting with myself do find the ‘perfect project’ my coach asked me: what would make Relli happy? what would you have fun doing? “

I immediately knew it was something with art. After thinking about it for a minute, I knew I wanted to create a tile art with the kids, so there is can be a great art piece as well as a great memory of the time the kids spent at the Nursery school.

Anyhow, I started the project, and because of different things that happened along the way, the project was postpone.

Finally, this year, with a great help from the stuff and wonderful people in the community we pulled it together, and it is here!

We manage to paint more than a 100 tiles, put it together as an art piece for our school, and make a memorable wall for years to enjoy.

This project changes my life, I had to fight with my own limiting beliefs, frustration, confusion, learning from mistakes and more. But I can tell you, when I look at these tiles, and I know how much love is in them (100 x unconditional love of our children + community support ) , I know it was all worth it!

As my amazing mom always tells me” you never regret on something good you do”, I know that taking on this project from Vision to Completion is the best feeling in the world.

Challenge yourself – go out there today and make a difference. It can be a small as saying hello to a homeless person, calling a family member you have not talked to in a long time , or organize a party for your family!

Make something good, and you will be amazed to see the results and feel the impact on your life 🙂

All my love, Relli