These days, I am challenged by having boys and a girl at the same house.

It is always challenging to raise your kids, but now I am facing the ‘sexual behavior challenge’.

As a mom I know that some behavior are normal and it is part of the kids growing up, but lately I felt I need some help and guideness.

So, I talked to other parents, teachers and my children pediatrician, and I am learning that sexual behavior at some levels are normal for their ages, 5 and 9.

Tonight, learning more about it and looking for information that can help me teach them what is ok and what is not, I stumble on a ‘National Behavior on Sexual Behavior of Youth (ncsby) organization fact sheet’.

this document made a lot of sense, and is organized in a very clear way, helping the parent identify a normal and an abnormal sexual behavior.

So, now I can relax knowing that what I see in my house is normal for those ages.

Hope you can make good use of the information,