lately, well in the last year or so, I finally got that mess and cluter around me affects me in so many ways I did not even know.

“A giant step on the road to simplicity is to eliminate the odds and ends that clutter up your home, our car, your office, and your life. The guideline is easy: If you haven’t used it in a year or more, get rid of it. Getting rid of it can man any number of things: give it to a friend, give it to Goodwill, take it to a consignment shop, sell it at a garage sale, or put it in the dumpster”
These days, I am becoming so good at throwing things, giving them away to people who can use them. It is a hard change, but I can see how being in a clean envinroment helps me become more focused, efficient and the most important, relaxed.
what can you do today to get a bit of the cluter around you away?
Small steps, small steps,
To simplicity, Relli