Few daus ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of my dearest friends for many years. For the sake of anonymity we will call my friend B.

B and I We have been friends for many years now, and in a very unique way have always manage to stay very close, building a very strong friendship although living very far away from one another. To me, the beauty of our friendship is that we are so different, but still respect one another decisions and opinions about life, while challenging one another to think and grow.

Thinking and growing together, is the best gift I could ask for, as my mom always says :”People can take many things from you, but they can never take away what you learned”.

Anyhow, we had a really interesting conversation yesterday about my blog. B asked me: “why should people read your blog? there are millions just like yours out there on the web. You need to find a way to differentiate you website from others”.

As B was talking I was thinking to myself: “good point. what does make my blog different?”

As our conversation continues, I realized that my blog is ME. At that point, this is what is different about it.

I was thinking that having millions blogs are in a way the same as having millions of people. let me explain –

In our world, where billions people live, we tend to be around people who we want to hang out with. We choose our friends because they have something that we like. We might choose them because they challenge us, make us feel good, are great listeners etc etc. The point is, that we CHOOSE who to listen to, be around, contact, stay in touch for ever and so on. It is a CHOICE.

The same for my blog – I choose to write what feels right for me, and it is not for everybody. When I am writing I am thinking “can someone out there can benefit from my experience? can it change their point of view? can it challenge them to think differently? “

If you choose to read my blog or not, it would be YOUR CHOICE. You choose to read it because there is value in it that is serving you.

Maybe other people already wrote something similar, but you felt the connection to my blog

So Why some people would read and some not?

The answer: Vibrations/Vibes

Different people sending different vibrations to the universe. I am sending a certain vibe, and if at that moment, it does not match your vibe, you will move on to another site. If it does, you will stay and come back. This is what I believe is happening is life (and in Blogs), at least in mine.

Going back to my conversation with B….

Sometime, even with the closest people we have in our lives, we don’t have the same vibes. Over the last few years, I learned to recognize it and accept it as an OK thing. B and I might not have the same vibe about my blog, but I am totally fine with it.

So, after we rapped up our conversation I thought to myself: ” few years ago, a conversation like this would have taken you down the drain, and you would be totally depressed, trying to figure out what is wrong with you! Look at you now, you can actually accept and respect others opinions, but have this inner feeling that you are doing the right thing! Look at how much you have grown! “

So, it you are doing something you believe in and that makes YOU feel good, keep doing it even if others (which you care a lot about) think it doesn’t make sense!

Trust your vibe, trust your true self to know what you are made of, knowing someone out there is benefiting from what you have to say/share.

This is what drives me – if I can make a difference in ones life, I know I did my share helping someone else grow!

To you 🙂 Relli

P.S. – this is my mission statement as written on my business card :
“My mission is to empower every person I meet to see the value within themselves, have an attitude of gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness for themselves and others”