Yesterday my kids drove me crazy! They would not listen, never the less do what I was asking them to do, and at some point I had it. I was angry with them, have no patience and using my high volume voice.

I was cranky and not so nice to be around. I knew that my mood has nothing to do with them, but their behavior really made things worse.

When I feel cranky, trying to justify it by being tired or ‘just one of these days’, I know I am cheating no one but myself. There is more to it than it looks. The question is What?

Although yesterday is a history, I feel that I need to find the source of my impatience . Partly, it is my growing belly which would not let me sleep, and the other parts are fear.

I was asking myself – fear of what?

As I kept looking into myself, I realize I am afraid of the coming change. 4 kids is a lot! How would it be? how would I manage a baby while running around the kids activities? how would the kids react, behave? how would it effect my relationship with my husband?

In a strange way , relizing my fears empowers me. Identifying what is going on put things in a space where I can work on. Now, I can take my fears and break them down into small pieces, When I do that, I am able to cope better with the change, and with what that needs to be done.

Few days ago, I heard a new ‘definition’ for fear :Forgetting Everything is All Right.

How appropriate ! I do need to remember that the coming change is a blessing, one of the biggest blessing in the world, and I get to experience it again!

Everything Is All Right, I just had to take the time to remind myself that!