You know how some weeks are just suck?
I had one of these weeks this week, and I feel that life is too much! So, this week so many things went wrong that I don’t know what the heck happened!

So, this is how it went – On Monday when my husband was on his way back from camping with the boys, he called me up and say: “ I broke my tooth”. Well, I knew that this is not a good thing, for his teeth and our budget!

Then, on Wed, while taking the kids to eat at Fresh Choice, my dear son took out his retainer ($500) and put it on the tray so he can eat… guess what? You are right! He forgot it there, on the tray! By the time we came home I realized that something was missing, and yes, it was lost. I rushed to the phone, called the restaurant and the lady already told me that they took ALL the garbage to the big bin! Just my luck! First my husband, now my son…. I was so pissed!

On Thu, My daughter had her first ‘professional’ (pricey) ballet class. This is a fancy place she insisted on going to, since her best friend it taking ballet classes there. Sure enough we are arriving to the studio and she refuse to get into the class! “Why?” I asked, and she said ‘I don’t like it”. So, I kept asking:” what don’t you like?” and she said:”the wall color!”

I was about to explode! This 5 years old doesn’t want to take the class because the color of the wall?! What the heck is going on here? Anyway, with my lack of sleep, my growing belly I marched to the office and asked for the cancellation policy. Of course, those great places will not give a dime back… so here I am, stuck with a class that my daughter doesn’t want to take because she doesn’t like the wall color… go figure.

When I came back home, I picked up my son from school and took him to the orthodontic clinic to see what can be done. I knew that walking in there will be for one reason only – to put new NON REMOVABLE braces on my wonderful child teeth… Sure enough, here I am watching my bills grow exponentially!

Nice week ha?

So, I am thinking to myself – what did I do to attract that? I am not sure….still working on this one!