As I am working on a my content for my Seminar Focus In, I saw this article. I was struggling to find the right words to talk about creating new support groups. Since I believe there are no accidents in the universe, I know I was meant to receive this article.
I can not emphasis enough the importance of creating new circle of people who support your dreams, not your reality. If our reality is not as good as we would like it to be, and your circle of friends helps you feel bad/good about it, they are not helping you move forward.
As far as how to find those people – Joe Vitale is talking about participating in Seminars. I am a big fan of seminars, and I am constantly creating new circles to support my dreams and my decision about moving forward.
I enjoyed this article so much, that I am sharing it with you !
Dream BIG and create the new circles to help you move toward those dreams!
Circle Of Support – by Joe Vitale
Mark Ryan and I took a road trip two weeks ago. His wife was expecting a baby and I wanted to check out the Scorpion hydrogen sports car being built near me. We both wanted a little time out of the house.
On the hour long drive we talked about many things. One of them was how people stay stuck without new support.
If someone has a circle of friends that keeps them feeling that they can’t have much more in their lives, they won’t attempt to have any more.
Their immediate support group will “support” them in staying right where they are.
For example, when I was in college, most of my friends felt the only way to increase their income was to get a better job. Everyone I talked to felt the same way.
That’s because my circle was thinking the same way. We all believed the same thing. We supported each other in being stuck.
In my forthcoming audio program, The Awakening Course, I explain that most people are in the first stage of life: victimhood.
They feel stuck, they attract people that feel the same way, and so the state of being a victim continues. It’s simply reinforced.
For example, I saw an old friend in Ohio. He told me he could never have the life I have. When I asked why, he basically said it wasn’t possible for him.
Now, I could talk to him for hours about new realities and new possibilities if he just read The Attractor Factor or watched the movie The Secret and learned more about the Law of Attraction.
But when I left, he would turn to his current family and friends, or to his coworkers, ask them what they think, and they would reinforce his original belief that it wasn’t possible for him.
He would then shrug his shoulders and say, “See? It isn’t possible for me.”
You can change, of course.
In The Awakening Course I say the right story can awaken you to the next stage, and I tell several to help you awaken from the trance of limitation.
But a faster and more permanent way to change is to attract people who support your dreams.
Today my circle of friends generally believes nothing is impossible.
We don’t know what our limits are, don’t pay too much attention to current reality, and try for whatever we want. My circle supports that thought process, so it’s easier to move forward with even the biggest dreams and goals.
For example, right now I’m planning a movement to end homeslessness. No one in my circle thinks I’m nuts. Instead, they encourage me.
However, if I talk to the homeless, they feel they are stuck. When they talk to their circle, they agree they are stuck.
But when I talk to them, I introduce a new reality, one that supports their advancement. If they listen to me, and if they or I create a new circle of support for them, they can and will change.
And here’s how magic happens once you make a decision and take action..
At the airport on the way to Chicago, I stumbled across a book called Until It’s Gone, which is about ending poverty in this country. The basic idea is to create new circles of support. This book and the author’s model for change will help me end homelessness.
Again, if you are stuck, most likely you have a circle of friends and family that help you stay there. They aren’t doing it on purpose. They aren’t trying to hold you down. And you are participating by allowing it to happen.
This has to change for you to change.
There’s no one to blame here. You don’t need to fire your family or friends. (Then again, maybe you do.) But you do need to take responsibility for where you are and make new decisions to change what you don’t like.
You need an encouraging support team. So do those in poverty. So do the homeless. So does anyone trying to overcome any challenge.
Mark and I talked about this and realized a good reason to attend events is to have support. You are placed in an environment of encouragement. You meet new people. You create mastermind groups and new circles of friends. These can last a lifetime.
I’m hosting the Miracles Weekend at the end of September for this reason. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can at
Everyone who attends the event will receive The Awakening Course, including two bonuses: The Awakened Millionaire and Awakened Relationships. They will also receive the new expanded edition of The Attractor Factor. And each person will receive a ticket to Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar 6. Again, register at (I’ll keep the price at $997 for you, since you found the offer on my blog.)
Our road trip went well.
I ordered a Scorpion and Mark’s baby was born.
It’s a girl named Claire.
I imagine she’ll do wonders in the world, due to all the support she will receive from her circle of family and friends — all of which believe in and even expect miracles.
Ao Akua,