Michelle Nichols is an auther and a speaker of Hug your kids today.

I have been following her for the last few months and I love her message. I know that it seems to be obvious that we are hugging our kids, but I know, at least for me, that sometime, we forget to do this free amazing thing.

I just got this email from her, and wanted to share with you. Remember, it is a privilege to hug our loved ones.

” Last night, I went to prison…
Michelle Nichols, wearing her trademark red blazer monogrammed with “Hug Your Kids Today,” outside a Nevada prison.

to judge a prison Toastmaster’s contest. I didn’t go alone; four other fellow speakers joined me at the medium-security prison. The 43 male inmate Toastmasters who attended weren’t jaywalkers and litterbugs; there were several serving multiple life sentences.

Here’s why I’m writing to you. When I speak to corporate audiences, I say that hugging your kids is a privilege. I didn’t need to convince any of the inmates on that point. Every man there desperately wished he could hug his loved ones. While we often take hugging our kids for granted, some there may not get to hug their loved ones for a very long time. Do you ever feel like you’re too busy to hug your kids? I admit, sometimes I do. These prisoners have nothing but time – and we wouldn’t trade places with them for any price. Don’t forget to hug your kids and spouse/partner! Hugging them is a privilege!