In a mom’s life, there are many moments of joy, but at the same time there are many moments of frustration. Last week, on the 3rd week of my kids’ winter break from school, I was so tired of taking care of them. I felt as if I have no time for myself ; no time to brush my teeth, no time to go pee without someone calling ‘mom!’, no time to take care of Relli. I was not being the mom I want to be, instead I lost my temper so many time, finding myself not enjoying my kids, their laughter and jokes. The bottom line was that I was not fun to be around at all – not for myself and defiantly, not for my kids!

The best part of my work, including writing this now, is that I am in the process of learning to be aware of what is going on with me, what is in my head and most important, what is in my heart. On that Tuesday I knew I needed a break. While browsing my email I saw and email from Barbara De Angelis. Barbara was holding a coaching call that night, and I knew that it was just what I needed. I called my husband and asked him to come home early so I can take this time for myself, and he did. It was a beautiful two hours coaching call which took care of me, my selfishness and took me back to square one – gratitude.
I was so inspired by this call that I wanted to share with the whole world what it was about. It was so profound and at the same time so simple. so here I am sharing with you the core of the call.

Imagine that in front of you there are hundreds of beautifully wrapped gift boxes. Every box is more beautiful than the other, and you can not wait to open them up and see what is hiding in it. Than, you start open them one by one and you are amazed to see that some of them contains one hour, some of them have a day inside. You are blessed, you got the most amazing present of all – you got time.

We so often take time for granted. Without time, no other challenge, millstone or goal can be achieved. Everything takes time.

I can think right now of some people that would give everything to have more time. Do you know someone like that? I am sure you do.
When my father in law was diagnosed with Cancer, he was told he only had 7-10 months to live. Over the next few months, while he is fighting for his life, he wanted health and time. Time to achieve health, time to be with his loved ones, time to sit in the sun, time to hug, time to read, time time time….

I often tend to forget that I have another day of life, that I have another hour of joy. Mostly, I am too busy thinking of what I need to do, achieve, say etc and in that process I loose the joy of being in the moment. Being aware of your breath, being aware of what is here; being aware of what you love is a key to live my life to the fullest.

As the coaching call went on, Barbara asked each of us on the call to think of all the things we would miss when we will not have any more time here on earth. She said: “what are the smallest most priceless things you will miss? “
As I was listening to her, I made a list of my own:
1. the sun
2. flowers
3. hugs
4. laugher
5. walk
6. hold my children
7. talking to a friend

This is just the beginning of the list, but really we can live full life by achieving those moments every day

This is what I choose to do from now on, everything else will follow 🙂

Cheers, Relli