When I was a child, I did not learn about money, how to budget it, how to track my expenses, how to live within my budged, save but also enjoy money! Over my adult years, I have paid a high price for not having those important tools , I got into debt, lived beyond my means and more. I learned the hard way, that money need to be well managed.

Today, as a mom of almost 10 years old boys, I want to provide them with the understandings about money and how it works. One of the ways many of us spend money these days, is by using Credit cards to shop. As I know, and you might know as well, credit card can be a great money tool, but can also cause you a lot of trouble if not paid off in a timely manner.

I am making sure I explain and teach my kids about money, but it did not occur to me that I can teach them how to use a credit card until I saw this great idea.

“If you have young kids, get them each a library card and teach them how fines work. They will “get” how perilous credit cards can be before they even know what a credit card is.”

I think this is an outstanding simple idea!!!

At a 0% interest rate, no annual fee with no credit score or credit line I can provide my kids with the experiece of a credit card!

I will move forward and get one for each of my boys. I think, this would be a great way to teach them how credit card works!

I would love to hear what you think 🙂