Gratitude for a Perfect Average Day – Part 1 of 2
What’s your Perfect Average Day look like?
Okay, so maybe it would be helpful to know what it is.

I heard about the Perfect Average Day from Frank Kern, an Internet Marketer and genuinely great guy but not someone whom I expected to glean such a life-enhancing concept from.
I don’t know where he got it from.
Before I tell you what it is let me tell you why figuring out your Perfect Average Day can make a huge difference in your life.
Firstly, it gets to the core of who you really are.

You see, most of us have two versions of ourselves. Our shell identity, what we are doing right now (Banker), and our core identity, what we really want to do (Rock Star).
Our core identity is trapped by our shell identity usually for two reasons. The first is that we often don’t know what our core identity is and the second is circumstances (I have two kids and a mortgage so I can’t become a Rock Star).

The Perfect Average Day exercise helps you to discover your core identity. I quickly discovered that my core is all about love, play and contribution.

Why is this important?
Well, imagine what is like having two versions of yourself that are opposing each other. They are constantly struggling against each other. You probably don’t even know that’s what you are doing. When you discover and align yourself with your core, life becomes a whole lot more effortless.
I am not saying that you should quit being a Banker to become a Rock Star but just imagine if every communication you made came from your core. When I come from love, play and contribution I have a blast getting my kids to do what I want them to do. When I don’t, it is like,………well,………definitely not a blast.

There is a whole lot more to it from a conscious/sub-conscious perspective that I won’t go into right now. Let’s just say that it resolves internal and external struggles.
Secondly, I have always struggled with creating vision boards. I know they work amazingly well and I know I should have one and I’ve tried a number of times to create one, but I really don’t enjoy the process and I can never find the pictures I want. The whole experience goes against the premise of the Law of Attraction that it should FEEL GOOD.

For me the Perfect Average Day exercise was so much more fulfilling. It was exciting. I got to let my creativity out. I got to create a much more detailed, vivid and comprehensive picture of my life than any vision board could ever express.

It was one of the most exciting visioning exercises I have ever done and it sure as heck FELT GOOD.

Thirdly, you naturally experience Gratitude for the vision of your future that you have created.
This is the key to accelerating the rate at which you attract your desired future and it is so easy to do because the entire future you created is consistent with your core. You’ll be in tears of Gratitude when you create it and whenever you read it.

Okay, Okay, so what is it?

Simple, just answer the following question:
“If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your Perfect Average Day look like?”

A few clarifications:
Average – you could do it every day and not die or get sick of it.
No limitations – due to your health, your finances, geography or due to other people.
No consequences – you won’t get into trouble for doing it.
That’s a good start to get the juices flowing. I will help you along next week with Part 2 of this article which will include a series of questions to stimulate you in creating your own Perfect Average Day.

It’s Your Turn
Take a moment to close your eyes and ask yourself the question; “If there were no limitations or consequences, what would my Perfect Average Day look like?”
Now, just let your sub-conscious play around with it until we get into the juicy stuff next week.
When the sparks of inspiration start to fly (and they will), write them down.

Much love, Much play, Much contribution,
Grant Rawcliffe & the Ug Crew

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