Kelsie Kenefick is a wonderful author I got to meet in person about 2 years ago. We traveled together to one of the most powerful seminar I have been to. At that time, she was working on market her first book. It is a joy to see her moving forward, now with another book 🙂

I just got her newsletter and thought that this advise can serve us all well.

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Do you feel like you carry “the weight of the world” on your shoulders? Have you ever noticed that the word “should” is contained within the word shoulder?
Let’s look at this word – should – and what happens in your body when you “should” on yourself…

We all lay too many shoulds on ourselves… and “have to’s”, “ought to’s” and “got to’s”. This puts extra pressure on yourself which you don’t need. The tension from this usually gets stored in the shoulders. You probably don’t need more tension there!

Catch yourself when you say it outloud… AND catch yourself when you hear it in your head.
Most of you know what I mean by “self-talk”… it is the neverending stream of thought that goes through our minds. That is the nature of the mind… a neverending stream of thought. Those thoughts can work for us, or against us, when it comes to our lives and our health.

Replace the word “should” with “chose to”. It is much more empowering. For example, instead of grumbling in your mind that “I have to go to work today… grumble, grumble” say to yourself, “I chose to go to work today! I am grateful for my work.” Because… indeed you are chosing. You will start to feel much lighter and happier with this one simple, little tip.

Don’t “should” on yourself for the next month and see what happens!