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I could really relate to this posting !

Here is my take on it –

I don’t get to read all your postings, but this one is close to my heart. My marriage is lucking attention. With 4 children under age 10 there is not much time left for us… Although I am doing my best to find quality time with my hubi, I tend to do all the above – from number 1 to 5 !!
Over the last years I have done a lot of work on myself (I agree you can not change others) I still can be really mean with no reason. It seems that it is the easiest for me to get my anger on my hubi. He is doing a lot for me, mostly thinking how to make me happy, but sometime I just don’t get it.
I think that the real trick is to be happy from inside out. I mean; not to be happy because my hubi is doing something or not, but to be happy because what is. A good friend once told me ‘it is what it is’. Such a great tip for life – accept what is, and just go with it. Easier said then done for me too, but just reading your posting and writing a comment makes me grateful for what is.
I am blessed with a very supportive husband, beautiful children and health. What else is really important in life?
Thank you again for sharing made me think again about my actions!
P.S – The 5 love languages is highly recommended!!!
Also – Hold me tight!

My husband just shared with me this article. I have not been watching the news for year, that is why my husband sometime calls me ‘Cave Women” 😉
“A friend of mine here in Japan recently told me he feels the news has nothing to do with his life. It covers wars in places he’s never been, the bankruptcy or bailout of companies he’s never patronized, the lives of celebrities he doesn’t know — and the least interesting parts of their lives anyway, the announcement of technologies he doesn’t need, and so on.I’ve long felt this way.
Other than as a professional necessity and restricted to the financial sphere, I almost never look at news anymore. There’s a sense of “Who cares?” about all of it, especially in the way broadcast news is delivered. There’s no air of authority or proportionality. Every story with even a slightly serious component, no matter how banal, receives the lowered voice for dramatic effect and is then immediately followed by a lilting voice and flashing smile about adopted cats or something. More attention is paid to makeup and wardrobe than content.
My friend told me the low point of his career happened during Japan’s booming 1980s, and the high point is happening right now during this recession. The mainstream news didn’t apply to him 20 years ago and it still doesn’t apply today. He doesn’t expect it to ever apply, so he tuned out.
Sounds good to me.
Anything really important will reach him by word-of-mouth, and all the big issues are best covered in books, which he reads avidly.”
Don’t you feel the same way?:)
From last newsletter –

It was so scary. I saw her in the car and I could not open the door. The car was locked with the keys inside … I started to cry and ask people “please help me, I locked my baby in the car, please help me please please please”
A wonderful lady that was standing next to me said “let me call someone from the store to help you” and I said” OK, please give me your phone that I can call someone to bring the spare keys”. At that point, trying to remember any number seems to be impossible, I could not frikin remember any of them ! When I think about it , it is the BAD part of having all my phone numbers programed to my cell phone and not to my head!
The only number I could dial was 911. And I did.

Probably few seconds after I saw a lady that just came to unload her groceries to her car and she asked me :”What happened” I told her ” by mistake my baby got locked in the car with the keys inside. Can you please take me home to bring the spare keys? it is only a few moments away”.

And she said:” sure, come on and we will drive as fast as we can, the baby is all right, lets go”.

The wonderful first lady who was there watched the car for me, and we drove off.

we rushed through the streets, stop signs and stop lights, we got to the house, grabbed the keys and rushed back to the car. We were there in no time, but to me it seems to be forever.

When we got there, the fire truck was already there, waiting for us. I opened the car crying so hard I could not hold it. The baby was fine, she was just playing with her toys in the car seat.

I think I lost few years of my life in those 15 min or so, but I also gained a new perspective about what is important in life, and what kind of amazing people are out there. I owe my life to them.

This story could have had a totally different ending if the people on the street were not so kind to me. but they did. Each and every one of them was an angel, an angle of love, compassion and generosity. As I am writing these words I think to myself – “how would the world look if all people would do the same?”

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!

I am blessed with Angeles surrounding me and my family. I am blessed with love and compassion. I know in my heart that no matter what happened, I will always have those people around me.

I want to make sure that I am an angel too, helping people in need, putting aside my ‘plans, reasons, schedule’ and giving all that I have to them.
Thank you my angels for watching me, thank you so much.

Love, Compassion and Generosity is all this world need.
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