My husband just shared with me this article. I have not been watching the news for year, that is why my husband sometime calls me ‘Cave Women” 😉
“A friend of mine here in Japan recently told me he feels the news has nothing to do with his life. It covers wars in places he’s never been, the bankruptcy or bailout of companies he’s never patronized, the lives of celebrities he doesn’t know — and the least interesting parts of their lives anyway, the announcement of technologies he doesn’t need, and so on.I’ve long felt this way.
Other than as a professional necessity and restricted to the financial sphere, I almost never look at news anymore. There’s a sense of “Who cares?” about all of it, especially in the way broadcast news is delivered. There’s no air of authority or proportionality. Every story with even a slightly serious component, no matter how banal, receives the lowered voice for dramatic effect and is then immediately followed by a lilting voice and flashing smile about adopted cats or something. More attention is paid to makeup and wardrobe than content.
My friend told me the low point of his career happened during Japan’s booming 1980s, and the high point is happening right now during this recession. The mainstream news didn’t apply to him 20 years ago and it still doesn’t apply today. He doesn’t expect it to ever apply, so he tuned out.
Sounds good to me.
Anything really important will reach him by word-of-mouth, and all the big issues are best covered in books, which he reads avidly.”
Don’t you feel the same way?:)
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