I could really relate to this posting !


Here is my take on it –

I don’t get to read all your postings, but this one is close to my heart. My marriage is lucking attention. With 4 children under age 10 there is not much time left for us… Although I am doing my best to find quality time with my hubi, I tend to do all the above – from number 1 to 5 !!
Over the last years I have done a lot of work on myself (I agree you can not change others) I still can be really mean with no reason. It seems that it is the easiest for me to get my anger on my hubi. He is doing a lot for me, mostly thinking how to make me happy, but sometime I just don’t get it.
I think that the real trick is to be happy from inside out. I mean; not to be happy because my hubi is doing something or not, but to be happy because what is. A good friend once told me ‘it is what it is’. Such a great tip for life – accept what is, and just go with it. Easier said then done for me too, but just reading your posting and writing a comment makes me grateful for what is.
I am blessed with a very supportive husband, beautiful children and health. What else is really important in life?
Thank you again for sharing made me think again about my actions!
P.S – The 5 love languages is highly recommended!!!
Also – Hold me tight!