I found myself in the last few days to be very edgy. I get upset very fast, I do not take the time to listen before I snap, jump to conclusions or get mad.

Well, yesterday I got my period, so that explains a lot about my mood, but I am really trying to figure out what the heck is going on with me.

I have my regular checking methods to see what is going on…

Here they are :

Am I hungry?

Am I tired?

Do I need some sugar?

Am I over schedule?

Do I get along with my spouse?

Did I have a fight with someone this morning…

After I answer these, and I still can not figure it out, the next MOST IMPORTANT step is coming….

I need to remove myself from the house, and take some time to myself.

This is what I did yesterday. I realized being upset does not serve me or anyone else in the house. It only creates tension.

So, at 4:00pm I took myself out to the coffee shop, and set down with a pen and a notebook.

I started to write. I did not try to force myself to write something specific, I just started to write down my thoughts. It’s that simple. As time passed and I got my anger transfer from my head to my journal, my feeling started to shift. I could feel how I am getting tired. It seems like I put so much energy on being angry that after I had no energies left.

I remember feeling like this after Breakthrough Seminar with Barbara De Angelis. I was simply crashed, exhausted from the amount of emotions that came out of me. I was letting go.

Letting go is SIMPLE but it not so easy.

Yesterday, as I was writing, I was able to reflect, release, and look at what is.

I came home after 3.5 hours, feeling much better. I was not all bouncy and happy, but I was definitely in a different place, I was shifting.

When you feel like nothing works, try to take your thoughts and put then on paper. You will be amazed with the results.